Top 5 Benefits of Australian Made Furniture

Are you tasked with purchasing furniture for restaurants, pubs, hotels, resorts, or other businesses? Choosing items that create the right ambience and hold up to the wear and tear of use is vital. You can feel confident when buying Australian made furniture.

Several factors contribute to Australia’s reputation as the best furniture worldwide. Keep reading to learn about these benefits.

Advantages of Choosing Australian Made Furniture

Many Australians choose to buy locally to support the country’s economy. They also know that their getting top quality for their money. The following describes the benefits of Australian made furniture.

1. Focus on Humane Labour Practices

Australian manufacturers value ethical labour standards for furniture industry workers. They follow the Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute 150 Sustainability Standard. The AFRDI promotes avoidance of importing materials from countries with low-paid labourers.

This standard documents a chain-of-custody showing the origin of all raw materials. It ensures corporate social responsibility and resource assessments. Customers know that the furniture makers are taking care of their workers.

2. Reduces Environmental Impact

Australian furniture is known for its relatively positive environmental impact. Using local materials reduces travel time and energy resources.

If you’re planning to buy tables, chairs, bed, desks, etc. in bulk, you don’t want any waste. Some companies now offer prototype development for approval before filling large orders. You can feel confident that you’ll receive exactly what you want.

3. High Quality

Proud Australian furniture companies hold themselves to a high standard. This produces quality, well-crafted products. These artisans use the best materials when creating their products.

4. Government Warranty Mandates for All Australian Made Products

All manufacturers must provide product warranties that meet the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).  This law applies to all businesses in States and Territories across the nation. Some furniture makers even offer further customer warranties.

5. Less Expensive Delivery Costs

By purchasing furniture made in Australia, you won’t pay high shipping costs. Local deliveries are cheaper, faster, and also have a lower environmental impact. Spending your money at a business near you also boosts the local economy.

What to Look for in a Furniture Company

If you’re interested in furniture packages and/or furniture procurement, it’s key to know what to look for. Choose durable materials that will stand up to constant use by guests.

Test the comfort of beds and seating to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, select mattresses with thick pillow tops and high coil counts.

Ask the manufacturer about their compliance with the 150 Sustainability Standard and ACL. Are their practices labour- and eco-friendly? Are their materials locally sourced?

Looking for a Great Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) Source?

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, pubs, and apartments will benefit from Australian made furniture. Resortium Concepts specializes in FF&E packages, consulting, and procurement. To ensure your satisfaction, we make prototypes before building bulk orders.

We use local manufacturers and invite you to visit our supplier’s factories at any time. All custom-made furniture has a 3-year commercial warranty. This includes free repairs or replacement during this time.

Our ready-made products include guarantees between one and two years. We want to satisfy your needs and retain you as a client. Contact us today to ask questions and learn about our furniture packages.

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