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Every apartment needs to be equipped with the finest furniture. Whether you’re a landlord, property manager, or own a block of residential apartments; you need the right furniture, fittings, and equipment to make it look attractive while remaining functional. At Resortium, we offer exclusive apartment furniture packages that are guaranteed to please. Our team takes care of everything to ensure you get your new furniture right when you need it.

What we provide

The furniture packages we provide are all tailormade for apartments. This includes both serviced and holiday apartments, along with long-term rentals that are the primary residence for your tenants. Consequently, we’re aware that each client may require a different type of apartment furniture package. As a result, we offer plenty of flexibility in how you build the package and select your furniture. Each one is themed depending on your design requirements and specifications, meaning you have total freedom over how your apartment looks. All of our packages come with the same perks, which include a range of additional products on top of the actual furniture. We can help you get fittings, artwork, soft furnishings, bed linen, and even cutlery for your apartment.
We have every piece of apartment furniture you could possibly imagine, and it’s all available to be customised by you. From contemporary upholstered sofas to quaint little footstools, and even oak coffee tables; if you want it, we’ve got it. By offering custom-made furniture and soft furnishings, you get to design your apartment however you like. We know that the right furniture can bring out the overall beauty in a property, so we’ll help you do just that. If you’d rather purchase ready-made furniture and fittings, then we have these as well. They’re available in so many amazing styles and designs that could be perfect for you. While you lose out on the customisability, you will get much quicker service.

Where we provide it from

The beauty of our service is that we work with suppliers around Australia. We believe in working with local manufacturers to source the very best furniture out there. It means we have total control over the entire process, and we can communicate clearly and directly to the furniture manufacturers. With other services, you have to go through a company who contacts a middleman who contacts a manufacturer in a foreign country, who eventually creates the furniture and gets it shipped over and passed down the supply line. With Resortium, we deal with skilled furniture manufacturers that have factories right here in Australia. It simplifies everything as we can visit their premises and make sure they get the exact design specifications that you’ve given us. This results in a more accurate and higher quality product, and it’s produced for less as there are no middle-men or agents involved! All of our ready-made furniture products come from Australian wholesalers. Again, this allows us to work very closely with them to guarantee that they provide us with the best quality goods. Our wholesalers are some of the best around, and they have contacts all over the world.

Why choose apartment furniture from us?

Why should you get your apartment furniture package from us? There aren’t many other companies that work with local manufacturers and wholesalers. One of the benefits of doing this is that it gives us more transparency, quality assurance, and flexibility. First of all, our clients can tour the suppliers’ factories if you wish. This is optional, but we highly recommend it as you get to see the manufacturers hard at work. You view their factory, see how they manufacture your furniture, and there’s 100% transparency. So, you know that your apartment furniture is being made by a highly trustworthy source. We send out prototype apartment furniture to all of our customers. By doing this, it lets you check the quality of each product before you buy it in bulk. You can lay down on a sofa, sit in an armchair, or inspect the fine details of a coffee table. Everything is available for you to view before you buy, meaning you only order in bulk when you’re totally satisfied with the designs.
Apartment furniture packages tailored to you All of our apartment furniture packages are bespoke offerings. You get to choose what type of furniture you want, what colour it is, how much of it you need, and so much more. Not only this, but you can tailor the package to suit your budget. So, if you’re looking for an affordable service that still provides premium-quality furniture for your apartment dwelling, then Resortium is the place to be.

The Process

Our team is made up of highly-skilled men and women with backgrounds in different areas. They are interior designers and architects who can help come up with design ideas or specifications for you. Then, we have procurement specialists who find the best suppliers and get deals that keep the costs as low as possible. Finally, we have project managers who can take control of the whole process and ensure you get your apartment furniture on time.

The process we follow is simple; get in touch with us and tell us the dimensions and floor plans of your apartment (or apartments). If you have particular design specifications, then please provide us with these as well – if not, then our architects and designers will help you come up with them. From here, we take complete control and handle everything from manufacturing the designs to delivering them to your apartment – and even the installation too! Rest assured we keep in contact with you every step of the way to make sure you’re in the loop and hear about any updates as soon as they happen.

So, if you want a customised furniture package for your apartment, then please get in touch with Resortium today.

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