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What We Provide

Australian Manufacturers

We primarily provide furniture out of Australia. We deal directly with skilled furniture manufacturers, we don’t use agents or middle-men.

Custom Made Furniture

We provide custom-made furniture, upholstered furniture and soft furnishings directly from factories in Australia.

Ready Made Furniture

We procure ready-made furniture from Australian wholesalers. Our wholesalers have access to numerous and diverse sources of furniture.


By manufacturing furniture in Australia, and dealing directly with the factories, we have transparency: you can tour our supplier's factories.

Quality Assurance

As a proven quality assurance method, we can make prototypes for you to inspect before ordering in bulk.

Why Partner With Us


With our custom-made furniture, we provide a 3-year commercial warranty. On other goods, warranties range from 1-2 years.


Resortium’s team consist of interior designers, architects, procurement specialists and project managers. This allows us to create themed and design-led furniture packages, specifically and aesthetically considered for your target environment.


Because our team contains the different specialists required, it allows us to project manage the entire process, from design creation and selection, through to furniture procurement or creation, to delivery and installation.

Joint Venture

If you are a designer or an architect, we will work to your specifications, and provide furniture solutions to meet your design requirements. For clients who require assistance with a design concept, we will work with you to establish a design theme and provide the appropriate furniture.

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