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Do you own a pub in Australia that’s currently undergoing refurbishment? Or, perhaps you’re about to open a new pub and are looking to decorate it with the perfect furniture? Either way, Resortium is here to provide you with a stellar service that will completely renovate your establishment and make it the talk of the town.

We know that having the right pub furniture is essential if you want to maintain a client base and attract new customers to your pub. It has to have the perfect blend of comfort and style, but it also needs to reflect the atmosphere of your bar, as well as your brand image. Rest assured all of this will be taken care of when you get one of our unique pub furniture packages.

What we provide

At Resortium, we provide an extensive and exclusive range of furniture, fittings, and equipment that’s suitable for pubs and bars. This includes all the bits and pieces you need to transform your pub into the go-to spot for locals. We offer perfect pub tables, tall barstools, and a range of different seating options. Not only that, but our pub furniture can be entirely customised to meet your specific demands. Whether you want upholstered furniture or stools/tables in particular colours; we can make all of your dreams a reality.

In conjunction with this, we also offer operational supplies and equipment for your pub as well. This includes everything from high-quality crockery to exquisite glassware. Not only will you fit your pub with the best furniture around, but you’ll also ensure it’s fully equipped and ready for business as well.

Our pub furniture packages can be based around a certain theme or design idea that you may have. Each package is tailored specifically to the client; no two pub furniture packages are the same! You get the final say on everything to ensure you pay for something that ticks all the right design boxes and fits your budget.

Where we provide it from

We pride ourselves on being an innovative company that offers the very best in pub furniture solutions. As such, we know that a pub refurbishment can take a long time, and you need to speed things up as much as you can. Thankfully, we provide our pub furniture from a mixture of local manufacturers and wholesalers. This makes it much easier for us to procure the right furniture for your pub, massively reducing your waiting period! With our pub furniture packages, you can get your hands on custom-made furniture designs that are unique to you. For these, we deal with local manufacturers right here in Australia. We have access to their factories and work closely with them through every part of the process. They get all your designs, and we complete regular checks to ensure the furniture accurately reflects your specifications. Unlike other providers of pub furniture in Australia, we don’t have to go through any agents or middlemen. This makes everything far more convenient for everyone involved, and it simplifies our process.
As well as offering custom-made pub furniture, we also procure some ready-made products as well. These are all delivered from quality Australian wholesalers, who also provide us with fittings and pub equipment. These wholesalers have access to some truly remarkable items that will transform the aesthetic appeal of your pub. They’ve got their own specialist suppliers who import pub furniture from all over the world, meaning you have a diverse range of designs and ideas to choose from.

Why choose us for pub furniture?

We believe that our packages are perfect for anyone undergoing a pub refurbishment, or a new business that’s only just opening. This is simply because we go above and beyond what’s expected from us. There’s 100% transparency in everything we do, and this is reflected in the fact that you can actually tour our suppliers’ factories. This means you get to see where the manufacturers work and how they create your furniture. To go along with this, we place a lot of emphasis on quality assurance. It’s our mission to provide you with the best furniture for your establishment, and we don’t want anyone to be disappointed. As a consequence, before you place a bulk order, you will be shown prototypes of the pub furniture you’re interested in. It’s a chance to see the custom-designs for the first time, and you get to inspect every little detail to ensure it meets your design specs. If you’re not happy, then we will go back to the supplier and get them to make all the corrections you suggest.
Thirdly, we offer a high degree of flexibility in everything we do. As well as being able to decide on custom designs and come up with your own specifications.

The Process

Here at Resortium, we have a relatively straightforward process that makes life very easy for you. It starts when you get in touch with us and provide us with information regarding your pub. We need to know the floor plans for your establishment and any design specifications for the furniture. From here, our team works overtime to create a unique package that’s customised to your needs. We’re made up of individuals with experience in many different fields. Our team consists of project managers, interior designers, architects, and procurement specialists. As a result, we can handle every step in this process and take control over the project for you. Our project management skills mean we move the process along efficiently and ensure all deadlines are met. Our procurement expertise means we have access to the best suppliers and can get the best rates. What’s more, with designers and architects on our books, we offer design input and advice if you don’t have specific design requirements or need assistance with your ideas. To enjoy the best pub furniture packages in Australia, please get in touch with our team today.
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