The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Restaurant Furniture

A recent study found that 70% of Australian diners have returned to pre-pandemic dining habits. For 67% of people, that means dining out once a week, if not more!

These numbers will keep increasing as the world continues to return to normal. What can you do to make your restaurant stand out to returning clientele?

Furniture and decor play a huge role in a diner’s experience. It can dictate how long they stay, how much they spend, and whether they return.

But it’s about more than comfort. Furniture for restaurants has to be practical yet stylish enough to catch the eye.

Whether opening a new joint or giving your eatery a facelift, we have some tips for buying furniture. Here is the top do’s and don’ts of picking furniture for restaurants.

Don’t Go For Style Over Substance

If your dining area wows people when they walk in, that’s already a huge win. But if they sit down and the chairs are uncomfortable, and the tables wobble, they won’t be staying for long. Even worse, they definitely won’t be coming back.

While a cohesive memorable look can do wonders for your brand, it needs to be backed up by substance. Choose simpler pieces that clientele can use for hours over snazzy, uncomfortable ones.

Do Buy Tables at the Same Height

Unique furniture makes your restaurant memorable, visually engaging, and look more expensive. But keep the basics in mind when choosing your pieces.

Even if you’re ordering different types and styles of tables, make sure they’re all a similar size. In particular, they need to be the same height.

Why? Because when a surprise party of 12 comes in, you need to be able to shuffle six 2-seaters to make one big table.

If the table heights all differ, your unique furniture now looks disorganised. Mismatched heights lead to spilled drinks, dropped forks, and an overall sub-par experience.

Don’t Choose High-Maintenance Furniture

Diners may be your restaurant’s best friend, but they’re your furniture’s worst enemy. Furniture that isn’t durable will get scratched by high heels at the base and keys on the top.

Not to mention how ugly inevitable coaster rings look. They transform the world’s most beautiful table into something tacky and tired.

Instead, choose stylish yet durable pieces that don’t require revarnishing or coasters!

Do Use Package Furniture for Restaurants

When you buy furniture for restaurants as a package, everything is local and delivered in one go. That eliminates the stress of managing long lead times from multiple contractors.

But that doesn’t mean it’ll all be the same. There’s plenty of scope for customisation and unique pieces. Plus, packages come with the expertise of project managers, procurement specialists, and architects.

Start planning your furniture package today by talking to our team. Tell us all about your restaurant. We’ll help you curate the perfect blend of affordable, high-quality pieces.

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