How to Refurbish Your Hotel Without Cheap Hotel Furniture

Hotel managers around the world who renovate somewhere around the 8-year mark are much less likely to see a decline in profit. In doing this, they can try to pivot the style of the hotel into a new theme and appeal to new guests as well as provide a new experience for those who return. Though, what is the best way to refurbish your hotel like this without resorting to cheap furniture?

We have provided some examples of where to source your hotel upgrades, so you can move forward with a new style without everything looking cheap.

Buy Furniture Built to Last

If you are engaging in renovations, you will want to pick up items you will end up using through the entirety of the next era of your hotel. While this might cost you a little more up-front, you will find it saves you money in the long term. Your furniture will not need frequent replacements, allowing you to save for your future plans.

Reclaimed Furniture

Another option is to look into reclaimed or recycled materials for your furniture. Driftwood, recycled vehicle parts, or any other obscure materials can add character and charm to your hotel. As another plus, they are often environmentally friendly too.

Source Locally

By using any furniture you find representing locations close to your hotel, you might be able to give it a real sense of belonging in the area. It will end up as an iconic piece of the local decor, and you will set the hotel apart from others in the area.

Work With a Designer

If you want something classy, you could try working with an interior decorator or decor designer. They will have the ability to combine the furniture style you want and the aesthetic you are aiming for to make something beautiful.

Try the Second-Hand Market

Another option for picking out decor items is the second-hand market. This is especially true if you investigate antique goods. You could even find something worth a great deal you could use as a showpiece, and gain local fame for its inclusion in your decor.

Get Custom Pieces

Not everything you pick up needs to be old. You could work with local furniture manufacturers or carpenters to make something new instead. Not only will it be unique, but you can ensure it is a perfect size and shape for the rooms in your hotel.

Start to Refurbish Your Hotel

The above examples should be a great start when it comes time to refurbish your hotel. Still, it would be much easier if someone else picked up all this work instead. This is where we come in.

We can work with you to learn the style of hotel you are aiming for and procure furniture that will take you forward. If you want to know more, you only need to give us a call and our experts can advise you on what we can do and how we do it. So, pick up the phone and get in contact today.

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