A Quick Guide on the Hotel and Apartment Furniture Procurement Process

Australia’s hospitality industry is showing strong signs of growth. Reports reveal that hotel operators are optimistic, and 2023 is due to be a good year. Despite gloomy global economic outlooks.

Australia is renowned as a mecca of great design, and its hotels are no different.

However, buying pieces for furnished apartments and hotels isn’t the same as sourcing furniture for a home. Hotel and apartment furniture procurement is a specialized process with unique requirements.

If you don’t follow the right procurement process, you can run into endless and costly problems. Avoid this, and keep reading to find out more in this hotel and apartment furniture guide.

Enlist a Design Service

Before you embark on hotel and apartment furniture procurement, the first thing to do is enlist the services of a design professional. Designing any type of space to be cohesive and inviting can be a challenge.

If you want to wow guests and avoid costly pitfalls, you need a professional on board.

Partner With a Professional Procurement Service

The next step is to find a procurement specialist to partner with. Procurement specialists have ongoing relationships with suppliers and can source furniture at scale. This is very important, especially for hotels.

If you can’t procure furniture in the right quantities, this can erode brand consistency and jeopardize your design.

Procurement specialists can also secure lower costs per unit.

Here at Resortium Concepts, our procurement specialists have strong relationships with leading suppliers and manufacturers in Australia and abroad. We source bespoke furniture of the best quality from wholesale factories and artisans.

We cut out the middle man, which allows our clients to access far high-quality FF&E at the best prices possible.

When looking for a procurement specialist, here are two things two consider.

Apartment Furniture vs Hotel Furnishings

If you are furnishing a hotel, you may need larger quantities. There is also more emphasis on brand consistency across rooms.

For furnished apartments, you might want to focus more on individual pieces. Ones that make each unit feel unique.

Make sure your procurement specialist can cater to both of these requirements.

Local vs International Suppliers

Another thing to look for in a procurement specialist is one who has relationships with both local and international suppliers.

Locally sourced furniture items are often of higher quality. Lead times are also lower. This is particularly important as supply chain chaos remains the norm.

It’s also easier to view the factories, showrooms, and sample pieces.

However, there may be times when you need to source something from overseas. When this happens, you need to know your procurement partner has the right contacts in place.

Managing the Project

Once you have found a procurement partner, you will need to manage the process. In previous times, this was often done in-house. Nowadays, there is a more efficient solution available to hotel and apartment owners.

If you partner with the right FF&E furniture packages and procurement service, they will handle the project management stage as well. For instance, if you choose Resortium Concepts as your procurement partner, we take responsibility for every detail, from manufacturing to delivery and installation.

Instead of having to keep track of the procurement process, lead times, deliveries, installations, etc., you can leave this all up to us.

Your Partners in Hotel and Apartment Furniture Procurement

Are you about to undertake a hotel or apartment furnishing project? You will need a design service, a procurement service, and someone to manage the project.

Resortium Concepts offers all of this in our hotel and apartment furniture procurement packages. We provide a truly turnkey solution. All you have to do is provide us with the floor plans and any existing design specifications. Our designers, architects, and procurement specialists will handle every detail for you.

Contact us today for a project estimate.

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